by Mackenzie Eurell

Well, the second presentation, has come around. This time the song was one that I already knew something about, it was “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. This song was one that I had never really listened to although I had heard of it and of course, the current dealings with Michael Jackson. My first response to having “Beat It” as my presentation was let’s go and download the song now. While I was searching for the original version of the song I had stumbled across two other versions of the song a well.

I had found the 2008 version of the song which was Michael Jackson and Fergie singing “Beat It”. Then there was the Fall Out Boy and John Mayer version of the song, which sounds nothing like the original. Not only did I find interesting new songs, but cool new information about the original that I was not aware of. One piece of information was that Eddie Van Halen did the guitar solo in the original “Beat It” and he was not payed when he recorded it. Also right before Eddie Van Halen was about to begin his solo a janitor knocked on the door to the recording booth, say Van Halen inside and quickly shut the door. The mistake was noticed by both Jackson and Van Halen, but they decided to leave the mistake in the sing anyway.

I had more fun learing things about this song then I did about “Waterloo Sunset”. That is to say that it was something I was familiar with, not something that I had heard of once or twice.


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