by Mackenzie Eurell

The day we viewed the DVD Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll was one of my favorite class days. Not only did one of my class members get into contact with James Miller, but we had gotten to see the clip from that film where Chuck decides to say that he is never going to die and that he will live forever. This was especially humorous to me because he was saying this to a Rolling Stone, Keith Richards. Although I know now that Chuck Berry is more of legend then the present Rolling Stone, at the time of the viewing I still wasn’t quite sure who Chuck Berry was. Upon listening to the song that was being played live, in the clip I realized that I had in fact heard Chuck Berry before.

That is to say that I generally can name songs when I hear them, within several bars in most cases, but this one eluded me. My parents would have asked what was wrong with me for knowing who Chuck Berry was, this is mostly because they had me listening to this era of music since I was very young. Occasionally my mom will still play songs that we listened to, from when I was younger until I could distinguish my taste from hers, and she will ask me what the band name is and if I can’t name that then what the song title is. This is always exciting for me when I get it right, even if I heard the song not 10 minutes ago on my own iPod. I guess this just goes to show that he will live forever in music even if he does eventually ‘kick the bucket.’



by Mackenzie Eurell

I know this is a bit late, since it is no longer Christmas time but I felt that it was just one of those things that had to be shared since it sort of has to do with the class.

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And musicians all over
Were praying for Santa
To put them in clover.

Careers at a standstill
No jobs to be had
The clubs all closed down
The economy’s bad!

What is it we want?
St. Nick has to know
As he boogies in his sleigh
Through the Christmas Eve snow.

Hark! Here he comes!
And I hope he takes heed
As I lay it all on him
When I tell what we need.

“An album! A Grammy!
A number one hit, sir!
We’ll do road tours! Club dates!
Even a Bar Mitzvah!

A concert at the Garden
With Aerosmith as guest!
But first, money for the PA
So it’s not repossessed
Along with the van
Which is one of our fears:
That we’ll deplete all our assets
And get kicked in arrears!”

His eyes, they were glassy
His threads were real jive.
He smiled as he said,
“Hey bro, give me five!

I hear you’re in the market
For a few lucky breaks.
Well, I’m your main man
‘Cause I got what it takes!
I know Sinatra and Bruce
And Waylon and Willie,
Pavorotti, Barbra Streisand
And even Mickey Gilley!

I’ve partied with Miles Davis
And done time with Johnny Cash
And I used to gig with Jagger
When we weren’t smokin’ hash!

So just say the word
And I’ll put you in touch. . .
For a SMALL consideration.
I don’t ask for much.

Just a piece of your action
When you make it big.
So Happy Christmas to all
And to all a good gig!”

© 1985  Printed in The Music Paper, December 1985



by Mackenzie Eurell

I have recently begun competing in WGI (Winter Guard International) and AIA (Atlantic Indoor Association) class Independent A. In my first blog I wrote about the song Romeo and Juliet. That song is our show music, we have recently gotten our uniforms which upon first look seem to be quiet awkward. At the first competition Impact went to Oakton HS and recieved a score of 57.7 out of 100. We then went back to rehearsal for the next week. We then came out in the WGI Regional at Powhatan HS in Richmond, VA. We had to first perform in pre-lims competition and make it into the top 5 to get into finals. After some much anticipated waiting we had found out that we had made it into more than just the top 5, we managed to make it into the top 3 with a score of 66.2. Later that night, after an additional 2 hours of rehearsal, we went back to the regional to perform for finals. The run of our production seemed to be much more lackadaisical, seeing as we had been up since 6:30 that morning and it was now about 8:00. However we managed to keep our third place spot and have our score get raised by 2 points. We finished this passed weekend with a final score of 68.2. The next place we will compete is at the WGI Regional in Nashville. I’ve never been there, so its going to be a whole new experience for me.


Me & Tony with our pre-lims score

the whole group after awards